July 14, 2004

Comments will be reopened.

Yesterday I announced: Because of persistent X-rated spam-attacks to the site—that, with all the cleaning up that must be done, chew up the time that would have been spent writing reviews—commenting will be disabled. Most folks contact me off the site, anyway, but still....

I've cleaned out all (I hope) the advertisements for questionable services, and am testing a new filtering system. I encourage folks to comment on the more recent entries (many of the older entries are still closed to commenting, but may be reopened soon if all goes well). I'll go through and try to post a few of my snark-o-vision comments, too.

Posted by OutsideFood at July 14, 2004 01:35 PM

Since the site isn't updated regularly, and since the comments feature is constantly abused by spammers, Comments are now disallowed. Sorry!